Monday, 12 February 2018


Israel controls the worlds high technology sector.

"From medical nano technology to cyber security to private hacking companies to military technology to police databases, banking, finance and medical - Israel runs them all.


  1. yeah WA Police and the Government are more corrupt than anyone realizes, (been a victim of that place myself), feel for ya mate. Be well and stay safe.

  2. But I went back to it. F*cking scary. Evil at work again. They're everywhere. So we need AMD chips. And I always got Intel. Damn!

  3. Interesting to see this post. Followed Brendon for a while and his persuasive alternative-alternative take. Throws a spanner in the suppose-hopeful thesis, there's more of a counter-balance among the blocks. Trying to stay off from all but half-a-dozen sites. Their consensus is hostility with Russia, and not quite the clear tie-up via Israel. Blackmailed by tech. Russian techies. Or is it -- to quote Paul Craig Roberts -- '“Atlanticist Integrationists” inside Putin’s government'? While Vladimir and another crew battling for somewhat, restrained, self-containment. Syria is difficult to read otherwise but early withdrawal has thrown up questions. Was this; a mistake, US etc somehow persuasion or been the show-otherwise and plan all along? Putin and faction pushed to a fight or flight? Takeover the region with Iran -- and Israel? Who knows? I don't. Brendon does. And shows short-thrift with doubters. Many promote this or that being 'crime of the century'. Encourage enough internet take-up toward court-based appeals. Brendon decries all but for this. At the very least, the introduction of these claims should bring discussion but -- for now -- will this happen? Monitored who and where this has happened, up to more recent web-fast, the uptake's been scant. Plus, Brendon's criticisms therein, shutting some doors. One thing he speaks of is the value of not relying on an internet strategy. The need to go face-to-face and public. An outworking is a planned 'day in court' over his previous arrest and imprisonment. He talks about the need for more direct action and those in authority, addressing them one on one. Not misjudging internet impact. Do have to wonder how far the web is both a liberator and trap? Especially, in its decline and censoring. One comment/here, asked a couple of weeks back; 'does anyone know what happened to 'Darkmoon'? Without word have to suspect it wasn't forced down... if at all, hacked-off -- but no one much seems to care. Enough to post an update somewhere. My final take on Brendon is a diversity of opinion's assumed but not easy to sit with. And through his rip-roaring presentations, the need to be open for surprises and alt. alt. perspectives. As said, am trying to keep off all inc. YouTube but will look out for Brendon's challenging and bold in approach. Articulates with a passion for justice. Makes we want to stand. His v.latest news is... he's getting mega hacked and hassled. His latest visa and dodge false-imprisonment adventure's roll on. But his care for humanity-wide shines and keeps him brazen and upbeat considering. Considering...

  4. Putin's right-hand man Roman Abramovich donated 30 million usd to Tel Aviv university for nano technology.Putin is 'peacemaker' in middle-east.what a joke!

  5. Thanks Aang. The film made some important points but was rambling at times. Also, telling his own story, however harrowing, meant the film lost cohesion in the middle section. His personal experiences would surely warrant a separate video.

  6. israel spies not just militarily but economically on all other companies it steals what it can and whenever it can insider dealing or scheisting is a jewish word

    1. Absolutely. They took complete control of the most important sectors of our society. The only way out is if they start fighting each other, just like a snake biting its own tail.