Sunday, 10 September 2017


Smyllum Park orphanage in Scotland.

Children 'were murdered' at Smyllum Park orphanage, in Lanark, in Scotland.

Young boy 'killed by nun at South Lanarkshire orphanage'.

Smyllum Park orphanage in Scotland.

Around 400 children who died at the orphanage were buried in a single unmarked grave.

Smyllum's Children: Lanarkshire kids' home scandal ... - Sunday Post

Jimmy Savile is known to have visited the hospital in ­Carstairs, 5 miles away from Smyllum Park orphanage.

Carstairs: Hospital for Horrors.

Scotland's Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Savile was close friends with Cardinal Keith O'Brien who visited children in Lanark.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien visits Lanark's St Mary's Primary School ... .


Former residents of Smyllum Park orphanage have accused the nuns and staff who ran the home – the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul – of beating the children.

Inside Smyllum Park

At Smyllum Park orphanage, children died as the result of  'accidents' and 'malnutrition'. 


  1. i was at st marys orphanage school in shernhall st walthamnstow the head nun sister peter was an evil twisted bitch who would beat primary schoolchildren with bamboo canes straps and bats, she also sexually interfered with small boys, the name of this orphanage has been changed many times, but evil in the extreme it was before i was there there were rumours kids were taken from here to porton down for experiments

  2. My mother was sent to a private school in Scotland that was run by nuns. She was abused and saw other girls being abused. She said the nuns were evil and nasty.

  3. i used to live near walthamstow and i remember the rumours years ago, i did a net search and found this interesting little item





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  11. The children were all residents of an orphanage run by Catholic nuns and were found buried in an unmarked mass grave in a section of St Mary’s Cemetery.

    400 Sexually Abused Children Found Buried Under Catholic Church
    Over 400 children's bodies have been discovered on the grounds of a Catholic Church run by nuns in Lanarkshire, southern Scotland.